The Power of Intelligence

Ministering: Pastor Wumi Olukilede

Anchor Scripture: Proverb 14:1

Every wise woman buildeth her house, but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

God created every woman with the responsibility to build her house. But it takes a woman highly intelligent to build and sustain a home. Without intelligence, you cannot build or fulfill your purpose in life. 

Being intelligent empowers a woman to go through the building process without stress. Without which, a woman can crash what she has laboured for, for many years within a twinkle of an eye.


In Exodus 2:2-10, Jochebed would have lost what she laboured for if she hadn’t applied intelligence. Intelligence empowered her not only to preserve her baby but she was paid to nurse her own son. She used the experience of others to her advantage. When others are saying; there is a casting down, then you will have cause to say there’s a lifting up. Job 22:29

What is intelligence?

It is the capacity of the mind to comprehend and understand things.

To be intelligent is to possess the ability to comprehend that is, to become aware of a thing through the senses.  Moses’s mother was able to comprehend the situation of things so she acted promptly. The ability to understand that is; to know or perceive an idea or situation mentally. It is as well the ability to derive benefit from experiences especially experiences of others. 

“Experience is the best teacher” To be wise is to escape a horrible experience from those that went through one. If you wait to go through an experience before you learn, you may remain the victim of your experience for life. 

And that is foolishness. Although you can learn from your mistakes or error as no man is perfect.

Intelligence is the application of Knowledge (comprehending) + understanding. Intelligence is the ability to do great exploits without being found wanting in any. The Proverb 31 woman was called a virtuous woman because she was highly intelligent. Proverb 31:10-32.

The power of intelligence 

1. It makes a woman Priceless and very relevant. She cannot be easily cast away. Proverb 31:10. 

2. You have very good working hands, very skillful not one that is very lazy or talkative.  Proverb 31:13-16.

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3.  Wisdom and good understanding. No evil words from her.  Proverb 31: 26 “she opens her mouth with wisdom and in her tongue is the law of kindness.

4. Ability to save lives and preserve destiny. Eg Jochebed; Nothing dies in the hand of an intelligent woman.

5.  You become an agent of blessing. She’s a blessing to her husband and children in the world around her. Proverb 31:28 “her children rise up and called her blessed, her husband also praises her”

6. You possess the ability to manage resources well, not wasteful. No unnecessary expenses.  She knows how to feed her household including her maids with good food no matter how small the money may be. The spirit of intelligence built our Ghana house to my husband’s amazement.

7. Trustworthiness: She secured the trust of her husband. Proverb 31:11. When you have the heart you have the whole person.

8. You are  a solution provider

Any woman who is intelligent will do exploit in any area of life she found herself: 

1. Marriage 

2. Business

3. Ministry

4.  Managing children like Jochebed the mother of Moses

5. The world around you.

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How to become an intelligent woman

1. Ask for the spirit in prayers. James 1:5 “if any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God that giveth to all men liberally.

2. Learn from your mistakes and experiences or the mistakes of others. I learned from my friend’s experience in choosing my kind of man

3.  Seek sound knowledge.  Go for training, learn more hand work and be skillful. Like the just concluded empowerment program organized by the Movement. Read books and go to seminars. 

4. Update yourself regularly. Don’t seat on outdated information. 

5. Don’t give up, continue trying new things. Quitters can never win and winners never quit.

7. Prove all things: Prove all things, hold fast to that which is good.  1Thess 5:21.

8. Filter what you hear like news, especially from the Internet. News can either make you or break you. Don’t take advice from the Internet, some of them are not true, filter it so it doesn’t break your home.

 9. Study your husband, and your children and know who he is. Cover up his shortcomings eg. Abigail in 1Sam 25:18-19. Abigail made haste to meet David with gifts more than what Nabal would have given.

10. Be sensitive to the time and season. Levels change per time. Be flexible to changes 

11.  Have a giving heart like the Virtuous woman.  Always reach out to the poor and Needy around. My desire is to beat the record of the virtuous woman in proverb 31

12.  Be a child of God.  It takes being a child of God or rededicating your life to God to have the baptism of the spirit of intelligence.  Become a child of God today or rededicate your life again and you shall be empowered by the spirit of intelligence.

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