Our test of faith is most times hinged on our obedience and the
sacrifice we can make to do what God commanded.Hosea 3:1-5

Love is stronger than death. Nothing can kill love, many waters cannot quench or drown love Song of Solomon 8:6-7. The faithful in God, nothing can separate them from the love of Christ according to Romans 8:35

No matter what you are or the spiritual height you may have attained, without you showing love by sacrifice you are nothing before God. I Corinthians 13

Like Solomon, God expect us to show our love by giving with much sacrifice I king 3:3. You become a saint when your covenant with God is by sacrifice.God always want His saint to gather unto Him. The covenant believers are the true believer.Psalm 50:5

The only two commandment to follow is to love God and to love our fellow human beings. If God can retained His Lordship over the earth by love and giving sacrificially, who are we to be exempted from doing what God did John 3:16. Without love and sacrifice, man will never attain nor retain anything while living.

There is what make love powerful, potent, real and eternal. It is SACRIFICE. Love is sacrifice and sacrifice is love. Love and sacrifice walks together. When you see sacrifice, check love must be around. Both are inseparable divine twins.

You only love the one you sacrificed for. Love is incomplete without sacrifice.Without sacrifice there is no love and love without sacrifice is fake. What sacrifice did you make for your wife, husband, son, daughter etc

Without love there is no Christianity. Love without sacrifice is no
love but mere wishes.

dr. tola olukilede, cdc august 2022

Sacrifice is never and will never be convenient. What sacrifice are you making for your future, marriage, and yourself?

The workshop on financial intelligence after this conference is all about how you can make a sacrifice for your future today, so that you will not regrets tomorrow. If you cannot make sacrifice for yourself, you cannot be said that you love yourself.

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Many people who thought they love themselves actually hate themselves John 12:25. A life you cannot sacrifice for or deny for can never be fruitful. It is not good to love your life too much, because it will end up in regrets tomorrow. Love with sacrifice is the greatest. Not faith, not hope in God. I Corinthians 13.

What is Love?
It is an intimate affection between 2 People or group of people.

Why Do We Love?
1. It is commanded by God
2. It is the source of peace. Love bring peace to reign in ones life
3. It makes life pleasant and pleasurable
4. It bring fulfillment to the practitioners
5. It makes trust to be assured
6. Through love we appreciate kindness, and mercy previously shown to us.

Who Do You Love?
1. Your neighbors. Your wife, husband, sisters, children etc
2. The strangers. Abraham loves strangers and made sacrifice for them to be comfortable.
3. The unlovable
4. Those that are persecuting you. Jesus said, Forgive them for they know not what they do. Forgiveness does not diminish justice.
5. Your mockers
6. Love the name of God – Psalm 69:36
7. Love God – Psalm 91:14

How Do We Love?
• Truthfully
• Sincerely
• Without fear
• With all your power
• With Unconditional agape love.
• Without discrimination
• With your substance.
• With your most precious possession
• With your life at risk
• With forgiveness in advance
• By caring for others above normal.

What Does Love Do?

  • Covered multitude of sins  Prov.10:12
  • Bring us to enjoy the mercy of God and man.
  • Helps to fulfill the law and the commandment of God
  • Makes you to always prepare to make sacrifice.  I King 3:3
  • Help us to walk with God in humility, righteousness and holiness.
  • Make us look like God for God is love.  1 John 4:7-8.  It is love that turns humans to gods and sons of God. When you are His son, you will manifest sonship, walk, talk, see like Him etc.

Why Sacrifice?
God said to me; if you love me, give me one third of your total savings –

1. Sacrifice is the measure of love. If you cannot sacrifice, you do not love God. Your level of sacrifice determined your level of love either to God or man.
2. It is the only way you can authenticate love.
3. Sacrifice is the action force behind love
4. It is what make love genuine
5. Your sacrifice determines your level of love to all individuals and God
6. It is our sacrifice that opens heaven for you and me
7. God see or smell your sacrifice before hearing your voice/prayer.Genesis 8:20-22.
8. It is sacrifice that turns the hand of God to work for you. May God continue to work on your behalf.

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