The Power of Friendship

Ministering: Pastor Funmilayo Kolawole

Jesus is a perfect example of true friendship. He died on the cross because of us.

Friendship is a state of enduring affection, intimacy and trust between two people . Jesus love for man kind was unconditional . He laid down his life when we were yet sinners. John 15-12-13

Friendship is an important relationship . Friendship also plays an important role in our lives. No matter how strong you think you are you can’t walk the journey of life alone. We need each other and it doesn’t have to be your siblings or family members. Friendship plays an important role in healthy relationship.In Marriage, your husband or wife should be your best friend.

Your weakness could be your friends strength and asking for help from a friend is not weakness. When we talk of friend it should be someone you have affection for and can go all the mile for.

In life, everyone cannot be your friend. You need to Choose your friends. Your friend could make you or mar you, Shape you or destroy you. A friend is someone that is ready to stay with you no matter what.

Pastor mrs. fumilayo kolawole

Friendship should not be one sided. It should be reciprocal. A good friend bears each other’s burden 1 Peter 5:8. Be willing to be a support system to someone. Proverb 17:17 A friend stick together and are bond by love Job 16:20-21.

Characteristics of true friendship

  • Loyalty: A friend should be committed to you. A friend will always remain loyal
  • Honesty : It’s a virtue of friendship. As a friend, you need to tell each other the truth no matter what.
  • Good communication
  • Support : A friend is someone who is not envious of you but will help you to achieve your dreams.
  • Respect each other’s opinion.
  • Availability: Friends should be available for each other. It could be spiritual, financial , physical availability
  • Selflessness: You should not be selfish.
  • Compassionate about your friend.
  • Protectiveness: be able to protect each other.

Jesus is your number one friend and after that, your husband.

Remember to always check up on one another.

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