Live with the Light on


The light is the source of life. At the beginning in Genesis 1:1-4 when the whole earth was without form
and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep, it was light that came to the rescue.
Why did God called the light to be? God knew that when light comes, there will be an inspiration, understanding, wisdom, power, and glory.
Driving on the road in the night requires that your headlight be on. Driving with only fog light is not enough. When you don’t drive with your headlight fully on in the night, what will happen;

  • You will enter into port holes that are avoidable
  • You will hit stones and rocks that are avoidable
  • You will hit poles and road kerbs that are avoidable
  • May even kill pedestals that can be avoided
  • Arrested by police that can be avoided
  • Charge to court that can be avoided
  • Sentenced to prison that can be avoided
  • Eventually the person may have accident that could break leg bones or injuries and death that can be avoided.
  • When you don’t live with the light on, or put on the light always, you become a victim of what could be avoided. The acts of not putting your full light when driving at night is CARELESSNESS.

The WORD of God is the light for our everyday living

Psalm 119:9-16, 97-105

DR. TOLA OLUKILEDE, CDC october, 2022

Let’s Look at the Following situations

  • Have you ever found yourself in situations when you know you’ve drifted away from the best path?
  • When you don’t know the way to go?
  • When you don’t know the decision to take?
  • When things seems very difficult and to go forward seems impossible?
  • When you have nothing left to feed your children crying for food like the Mother of Wesley brothers?
  • When you are confused and you find no one that can help you and show what to do?
  • When you are sick, discouraged and expecting to die? The story of Joel Osten Mother, Kenneth Copeland mother.
  • When there is no help from anywhere and you think suicide is a better option like my story? When I couldn’t get the Golf oil job.
  • When your joy is dripping away?
  • When you wife or husband suddenly turn different and giving you problems never imagined before?
  • When your children started misbehaving unimaginably
  • When it seems nobody like you
  • When everybody seems not be doing what you expected of them in the ministry.
  • When your dreams about ministry, marriage and business seems to be failing?
  • When you are disappointed at things or situations?

These are the times to switch on the LIGHT which is the WORD of God. The living word of God is the Holy Bible. It has answers to every issue of life. Joshua 1:8; Acts 6:4; 2 Timothy 2:15; 2 Timothy 3:15-17; John 5:39

  • The Word of God will
  • Will make you approved unto God
  • Will build up your faith
  • Will give you inspiration of God
  • Will make you profitable in all ways
  • Will make you perfect thoroughly furnished unto doing all good works (doing the good news and the gospel of Jesus)
  • Will make you discover Jesus because it testify of Jesus and God.

How Can you Switch on the Light?

  • By Reading the bible daily, reading consistently, reading with love, reading prayerfully
  • By meditating on the word. Meditation will make you think like God. God meditated before He thinks that calling out the light is best to rebuild the damaged earth. Meditation will help you to know the steps to take first and next.
  • Find wisdom for purity like Job. Job 23:12
  • Discover fresh motivation and encouragement to avoiding changing your path from the RIGHT path
  • Develop a mindset that enables you to rise above your fear. Isaiah 55:11
  • Know and believe that God will accomplish His purpose in your life no matter what.
  • Hear, read and obey the word of God. Do what the word says. James 1:22-25. Please know it is easier to read and listen to God’s word than to obey it. Be a word doer.
  • Your liberty and mine liberty are all established in the word. Whoever the Son (word) shall make free shall be free indeed. John 8:36
  • This is the reason Satan will continue to battle you over finding time to read, meditate and do the word. He doesn’t want your freedom spiritually, financially etc. The devil does not want you to live with the light on.

He will keep working on you until you are clear in your perception, strong in your faith and balance in your spiritual walk.
You won’t stumble in the dark if and only if you continue to walk in the light of God’s word.

How Do you Live with the Light On?

  • Prepare to obey the word.Be determine and Vow to be a doer of the word till the end
  • The easiest way to live with the light on is by switching on the practice of the covenant like Abraham in Genesis 12:1-4 Establish the covenant with God by doing your part through consistent and committed giving attitude regardless of your situations. Genesis 17:20-27 Genesis 22:1-18. Please note ; God only blessed the generation of Ishmael, but establish His covenant with the generation of Isaac. Genesis 17:20-21. Stop looking for the blessings, start pursuing God to establish His covenant with you and your generation. This can only be done if you live with the covenant light on. The covenant is the acts of consistent giving in tithing, worship offering,help to others, kingdom promotion, giving to your parents, giving to menof God who is a blessing to your spiritual life not necessarily your church pastor, giving love and understanding to your marriage and life, and giving God praise. Are you in the covenant with God in doing all of the above? If not you are not living with the light on. Live with the light on.

The covenant practice

  • Matthew 22:37-40. This is the law of life for living. It centers on LOVE.
  • The covenant practice is the summary of the bible
  • The covenant practice is love to God and your neighbours
  • The covenant practice is the demonstration of obedience to God
  • The covenant practice is doing the word of God personally.
  • When you give your tithes, it shows you are loyal, committed, obedientand you love God
  • When you give your offering, it shows you love God and obedient to Him
  • When you give to promote His kingdom, it shows that you are loyal, committed and you love God
  • When you give to Help others, it shows that you love your neighbor as thyself, and you love God (help to others is helping others on behalf of God)
  • When you give to your Parents, it shows you are obedient to God and you
  • love your neigbour Ephesians 6:1-3
  • When you give to your pastors, it shows you love your neighbor
  • When you give to your marriage, it shows you are obedient to God and you love your neighbor (Eph 5:21-25)
  • When you give praise to God, it shows you reference, honour and love God regardless of your situation.
  • At the foundation of the covenant practice is obedient and love. The reason for covenant practice is obedient and love. You cannot obey with the whole of you heart whom you do not love, and you cannot love whom you cannot obey.
  • A lot are pretending to be practicing the covenant. Stop pretending and deceiving yourself. God is seeing your heart; He is watching your level of commitment in doing it.
  • Do you really Love God and your neighbors? Your level of love determines the level at which your light will be on.


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