Worshipping God with Questions


Psalm 13

Questions lead to subsequent answers. Without a question, there can be no answer, and without the correct questions, there can be no appropriate replies.
It is foolish not to ask God questions. Often, we have questions we want to ask God, but we are held back by our fears and lack of understanding of God as a loving father.
Asking God questions is not wrong. Asking the father questions regularly is one sign of a child. You are the children of the Father.
God inhabit the praises of His people, When we worship the Lord, His presence is made manifest, this is a time to table our questions before him.Questions are better asked when the presence of God is assured. Asking God questions provokes answers from Him for He listens to the questions of His children.
A little child on a journey will always ask, ‘have we not got to our destination?’, ‘When are we going to be there?’ As children of God, we are to ask questions in the face of problems and challenges anticipating an end to such challenges.

It is usually the answers we receive in dire situations that shows us our next moves. When we learn to ask Questions, we will not remain on same spot.

dr. tola olukilede, cdc september 2022

The Children of Israelites never asked God why they were in the same spot for 40 years. When you don’t ask question you won’t know why certain things are happening to you.They never asked God when they are going to leave Egypt the land of
bondage in 430 years. Without questions, you will take your conditions as your predicament. Nobody ever knows the will of God without asking God questions. You will know the mind of God when you ask questions as you come befor Him in worship. Received answers from God reveals the will of God for us. What is God say concerning my problem? To go forward in life requires asking questions. If you are not asking questions, you may not know the mind and the will of God for your life.

Bishop Oyedepo asked God, Who pays my salary? Don’t sweep your concerns under, ask God questions. Don’t assume it will work, ask God questions. Ask Him how it is going to work. Ask God what will make it work. Ask God what to do per time. Dont just ask Him what He has in store to give you, ask what He want from you, and what He will have you do.
Many people are not doing well in life and ministry because they failed to ask God questions.
When your business is not doing well, ask God questions.
When your marriage is not doing well, ask God questions.
When your ministry is not doing well, ask God questions
When you wife or husband is behaving strange, ask God questions
When you are facing challenges & difficulties, ask God questions
When you are in marital relationship, ask God questions
When you are in spiritual relationship, ask God questions
When you get to a cross road, and don’t know where to go ask God questions.
When you don’t like what you are seeing, ask God questions.
When you don’t know what to do, ask God questions.
When you want to do a thing, ask God how He want you do it.
Ask God what He wants you to say at any point in time. He said, open your mouth I will fill it.

When God ask you questions, he is pointing your attention to the way you are looking for and also He wants to know your mind. God asked Solomon question; what shall I give thee? I King 3:5-13.
Until questions are asked; man’s way remain dark, and slippery. Every questions is meant for our advancement in life.

God what do you have me to do?

Is a question that leads to breakthrough in life.


Through questions, God shows the way. The word of God is light, but it is questions that switch them on.
However, ask question in an atmosphere of worship. Don’t question God, but ask God questions in worship. There is a
different between questioning God and asking questions. Know the difference. It is in worship that you get direct answers from God because He inhabits the PRAISES not the ACCUSATION of His people.
When I was tempted to commit suicide, i decided to ask God questions as i worship on why it seems my prayers were not answered.
Worship need not stop when we have questions. The sovereign God of heaven welcomes us to bring our worry-filled questions to Him and as you worship, in due time the questions turns to petitions and Jesus our advocate take it up. Jesus is our expression of trust and praise to God. Therefore, worship God with your questions.

How to Worship God

I Chronicle 29:20, Nehemiah 8:6; 9:3, Psalm 81:9; 99:5
  • With Praise & Thanksgiving. Ps 95:1-3, Ps 92:1-5; Ps 96:1-9
  • By Forsake all idols
  • With your substance. Don’t hold back all that He gave you likeAbraham, Like Oyedepo, Like Daddy EA Adeboye that gave all his salary to call a conference.
  • With your unconditional love. Don’t give God condition in worship
  • With your body and present it as a living sacrifice Romans 12:1
  • In holiness and righteousness. Ask Him to forgive your sins and mistakes. Believe Jesus is your righteousness.
  • With joy and happiness
  • With love to your neighbours and everyone around you.
  • Making sacrificial offering – King Solomon example
  • The Practice of the covenant. Every acts of worship and sacrifice areall imbedded in the covenant practice. The consistent practice of the covenant will turn your questions to testimonies any day. Will make your dream comes through. Solomon engaged in sacrifice and God asked; What do you want? Solomon said; Knowledge & wisdom to rule your people, God gave him much more than he requested according to I King 3:3-14.

When you love God, you will practice the covenant. It was the offering(sacrifice), Celebration, and thanksgiving that brought the dream of Solomon into reality. Where are your questions, bring them to God in worship. Sing and praise God the more because He will deal bountifully with you.

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