Understanding the language of man


Text: Prov. 14:1

The scriptures said every wise woman and not every woman. This means it’s not every woman that is wise. This is talking about how important communication is in a marriage.

We have Verbal and non verbal communication between husband and wife. Verbal is direct conversation between husband and wife while non verbal is using body language, action or behavior to pass messages. It is used mostly when trying to express anger. Verbal help to cement your relationship with your spouse in the home. Any marriage void of communication cannot stand. It’s very Important to-have understanding. To understand your Man’s language you don’t need a school to learn.

Why is it necessary to understand the language of man/husband . Proverbs 24:

  • It will offer security in your marriage
  • It offers joy and peace like a river.
  • It gives you assets to treasures your husband has eg finances, love .etc
  • Praying for the advancement/prosperity will become naturally easy.

Keys to understanding the language of a man

  1. Celebrate your husband. To accept him is good, love him is better but celebration is the best. Don’t tolerate but celebrate him. Accept him , don’t downgrade him, accept his weaknesses, never compare him with other men, make him your original husband. Give him gifts . Prov 17:8 Every man values his wife’s gift. Prov 18: it brings favour and pacify anger in your man.

A woman that appreciates never lack attention from her husband.

pastor banji bali

  1. Give yourself to him
  2. Give him respect, time ,honor , romance, faithfulness. Be a babe to him. If you want a romantic husband you must be romantic.
  3. Dress him up always
  4. Pursue him sexually. You can never win him without warming his bed. Avoid prostitution in marriage. He should have express access to you. It is godly.
  5. Give him special meal. Treat him like a king. The way to his heart is in the tummy. Esther 5:16 Set your table colorfully. If you prepare banquet for your husband he will take you to a banquet house.
  6. Appreciate him. Appreciate him for paying Sch fees, rent, treat him like your king. At every level appreciate your husband even if he has not provided.
  7. Be a lover of his family. Don’t think you are married to only your husband you are also married to his family. Befriend them at all cost. Manage them especially mother in-law with wisdom.
    Accept them don’t try to change them. Don’t allow your expectations to be too high. Make them love you. Don’t fight your marriage but allow God to fight for you.
  8. Connect your marriage to the convenant.


Lord I rededicate my marriage today in Jesus name

Lord I need your grace to satisfy that man you gave to me. Don’t let me fail you.

Father every weakness of my husband help me not to fail you. Help me to know how to handle him.

The wisdom to manage any man that comes my way give it to me and help me to apply it appropriately in Jesus name. Be it husband, son, brother and uncle in Jesus name.

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  1. Pastor Mrs. Akinsanya E. O.

    The teaching is very impacful, may God help we women especially the younger ones to apply in our various homes. It takes submissive women to understand and accept her husband language. May God grant us spirit of humility and wisdom in Jesus name. God bless you Pastor.

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