Make the difference by sacrifice


Romans 8:29-30
We all have equal start with God
God created us same and equal at the beginning because He is not a respecter of persons.
God did not give one person better opportunities than others even when you are born into better families like Esau and Jacob, like Isaac and Ishmael.
God gave us equal grace, life and blessings at the beginning of our journey on earth.The On-Your-Mark-Go line was the same for all to start running. What makes the difference is the sacrifice we are making individually.

Sacrifice is the mother of discipline, contentment, productive thinking, love,
ability, grace, enthronement, rulership, good planning, peace, joy and


Without sacrifice, there will be no difference made.
Whatever level we are today is the level to which our sacrifice has
ebabled us. And what you will be tomorrow is determine by the level of sacrifice you are
making today.

Kingdoms become kingdoms by sacrifice. Nations become nations by sacrifice. America, United Kingdom, Germany, all the Western and Eastern developed countries made the difference by sacrifice. Their development was not without the sacrifice of their citizens.
Where was Africa sacrifice when the nations were colonizing them? Today Africa could not make a difference among nations because its citizens failed to make a sacrifice.
Why has the giant of Africa Nigeria become a shame of Africa? Because her leaders and citizens could not make a sacrifice both in the past and now.
Israel became a strong nation by the sacrifice of her fathers and living citizens till today.

As it was with nations and men so it is with us individually today. For you and me to make a difference in life, we must determine to make sacrifice. Marriage cannot make a difference without sacrifice. You and I cannot have a growing business or ministry without sacrifice.
We cannot enjoy pleasure and comfort without sacrifice.
There is no peace without sacrifice. King Solomon made a covenantly spiritual sacrifice to enjoy peace without war for 40 years he reigned in Israel. Today my wife is enjoying peace in our home because she is making sacrifice. No enjoyment without sacrifice.

There is a difference between success and failure, poverty and wealth, dry field and green field, glory and shame, progress and stagnation, struggling to live and enjoying abundant life, fake and genuine etc. What make the difference is sacrifice.

Behold Men that Make a Difference By Sacrifice
Noah. He made a sacrifice to be alive and established the covenant that we are following today. Genesis 8:15-22. Just imagine if Noah started eating the animals but he kept his hunger in check and he built an altar to worship God first.
Putting GOD first enables us to make sacrifice. Behind any attempt to make sacrifice is the Love of God. When God is not first in your life, you cannot make sacrifice that can make a difference in life.

Abraham. He made a sacrifice to establish the ways and workings of God in the covenant for all generations by sacrifice. He left his father house to unknown destinations, train strangers, fed multiples, pay tithes, gave Lot what Lot wanted even when he could decide otherwise, released Isaac to death, stood on the promises of God without doubt through obedience by sacrifice. It was not easy but he sacrificed. Genesis 12:1-4 Making sacrifice and the practice of the Covenant can never be easy to do. While Jacob was able to sacrifice his food, Esau failed to discipline himself by sacrifice and he lost the Abrahamic blessings that is still speaking today.

There are many people outside there that are not so disciplined to give, to tithe and become a help to others because of the food they want to eat, the cars they want to ride, the clothes and shoes they want to buy.

Joseph. He made a difference by sacrifice not to kill and revenge against his brother when he became the Prime Minister in Egypt. He love and fear God by denying himself of moment of pleasures and privileges. It takes sacrifice to love and fear God. Those who could not love and fear God are those who could not make sacrifice. Joseph makes the difference in Egypt.
So did Nehemiah, Esther, Ruth, King David, Solomon, Job, Samuel, Moses, Joshua, Elijah and Elisha, the disciples of Jesus Christ, Paul the Apostle etc. These are men who made sacrifices to make a difference when alive. What Sacrifices are you making to make a difference to this life you are

Even God makes a Sacrifice
Jesus the Christ. Philipians 2:5-11. Jesus sacrificed to make a difference in life so that every tongue can glorify God. He died on the cross for His friends. He became our intercessor, advocate, good shepherd and high priest by sacrifice. He paid the price for everything using His blood Revelation 5:12. We got our Power, riches, wisdom, strength, honour, glory and blessings through the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ. How many people can you count that you have empowered, enriched, delivered from foolishness and ignorance, prolong their lives, and are glorifing God for what you did in their life?

God the Father & Holy Ghost. God made a sacrifice to create the world as a duplicate of heaven for man to dwell in. He didn’t want to rule alone. He wanted kings, princesses, chiefs, smart and intelligent people, innovators and inventors, strong and mighty people etc and He created
them. Even when they became disobedient, He still loves them by sacrificial love of advance forgiveness. Roman 5:8. God the father forgives us our sins through His mercies that endure forever, Psalm 136. God is our provider because He gave out of what He has to you and me.
Just imagine, He withhold His hand? God is our protector. Just imagine, He refused to send His angels to build a hedge around us or carry us in their hands Psalm 91.
God is our builder. Just imagine He refuse to continually build us and watch over us. Psalm 127.
God is our helper. Just imagine He failed to help us. Psalm 121.
Men, Jesus and God had made sacrifices and they are still making sacrifice to make a difference for now and future. What sacrifice are you making over your children, marriage, ministry, business, in your community, country, family, academics, career, profession, friends and neighbours to make a DIFFERENCE. If God and Jesus can make a sacrifice to make a difference in the world they created, we are doomed if we fail to make a sacrifice.

Without making a sacrifice, you shall be forgotten the moment you die, and no one will remember you anymore. That means, you are wasted and of no effect. Today many parents are not remembered by their children because they did not sacrificed to make a difference in the lives of those children.
You can’t make a sacrifice and not be remembered. Heaven will not remember those that failed to make sacrifice. The world will soon forget them also. They will be lost to the ocean of life never to
be seen. But for those who make sacrifices, their handwriting shall be on the wall, and their footprints on the sand of times. Making a difference by sacrifice is by choice. Make your choice today.
We Are Making a Difference in this Ministry. Multitude are benefiting from our scholarship, including the Homeless we have provided accommodation for.

The Olukiledes have given 7 ladies who are not same blood but covenant children to marriage from Livinproof house by sacrifice thereby making a difference in their lives. Our marriages has become a testimony. What have you and your family sacrificed?

We are sickness and death free because we have become a help to the sick and the helpless. We are not helpless because we have someone we are helping.
What is killing others cannot kill us. We are growing when others are diminishing.
We are not like other Christians that go to church and hear the word only, we are doers of the word of God. We have become people of power, purpose and prosperity.
We are too much for the devil and all his agents to handle.
We are different because we are making a difference. Halleluyah to God!!!

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