Discovering success


Success cannot be found everywhere; it must be sought out. God’s word teaches that thinking is necessary for success. Ecclesiastes 10:15, Proverbs 4:7, Joshua 1:7-8.

The foolish will never succeed. Successful people are rare. It costs a lot, is hard to find, and requires understanding. Wisdom is necessary to find success.

Discovering Success requires these principal things

  • Discover Yourself
  • Discover what success is not so that you will not be looking for shadow
  • Discover successful persons and follow them
  • Nurture success personally

Discover Yourself. Who are you? What is your purpose on earth? What are you called to do? Do you have the relevant talent or requirements for what you are called to do? What is your passion? Do you have what it takes to do your passion? Are you wise enough to locate your city of exploits? Do you have enough determination to break through? Esther 4:15-17.

Men who discovered themselves to discover success

Abraham discovered he was not to stay in his father’s house. Elisha discovered he is to serve Elijah to become successful. Queen Esther discovered She was made a queen for a purpose, and if that purpose is fulfilled, she will be successful. David discovered that for him to have killed the lion and the bear is for a purpose that will lead to his success at a point in life. Nehemiah discovered that his purpose is not staying in the palace while the wall of Jerusalem is in ruin. Moses discovered that his purpose is to lead the people of Israel out of bondage in Egypt regardless of his age. Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego discovered that the purpose of their being in captivity is to prove the God of Israel to unbelievers in Babylon. Apostle Paul found that his success lies in his reaching out to the Gentiles in the face of adversity and suffering. Jesus came to understand that His mission was to save the world by dying to please His Father.

Tola Olukilede discovered that his many years of suffering without help from close family and friends is to know what suffering is like so that he can become a blessing. Luke 22:31-32. Apostle Tola Olukilede discovered he is an apostle of the covenant by teaching and doing unrelentingly the covenant practice to raise himself and other people interested in kingdom exploits.

What Success is NOT

  • Success is not the accumulation of wealth
  • Success is not the accumulation of fame or popularity
  • Success is not the accumulation of materials things
  • Success is not the accumulation of titles and degrees
  • Success is not being the best in your class
  • Success is not having plenty of naira or dollars or yen in your accounts
  • Success is not how many children you have.

Discover Successful People

  • Who are successful people? Those whose success is based on God’s success terms.
  • Those who are built on the rock remain strong and standing despite the challenges of life. Matthew 7:24-25.
  • Those whose success is found on God’s success terms
  • Those whose wealth is based and founded on the covenant practice
  • Those who love God and show it by giving like Elijah, Nehemiah, the three Hebrew giants, Daniel, and Paul the Apostle.
  • Those who love to serve humanity and God
  • Those who love to promote His kingdom according to Matthew 6:33 knowing we came naked and we shall go back naked.
  • Those who bring happiness and deliverance by knowledge to people. The leading lights. When you follow a man who knows the way, you can never miss the way.
  • Those who have mercy & compassion to show in their actions
  • Those who are using their wealth to create charitable ventures and investments that will impact the lives and destinies of people.
  • Those who live and lead by a good example. Worthy ambassadors of Jesus Christ.

How to Nurture Success.

  • Be Consistent in all areas of life
  • Work diligently. Do not be slack. Quit putting things off. Don’t put them off until tomorrow; do what needs to be done now. Have a to-do list every day.
  • Continued Self-development. There is no age limit to learning. Be a reader of books, journals, and magazines, watch the news, search on the internet, etc.
  • Be purpose-driven in all areas of life. Ask yourself what is the reason I am in this church, school, organization, marriage, having children, keeping relationships, etc.
  • Don’t be a waste. Grow your money. Be disciplined with money, man, and time. Your time is precious, don’t waste it praying on a mountain without taking God’s ordained practical steps. Attending a church for a whole day is a waste. Have time to think. Don’t be religious, be a practical Christian.

Apply the word of God to all your life endeavors. To your business, marriage, education, etc. Become an addicted covenant practitioner. Don’t remain stagnant in the practice. Don’t see it as a burden keep practicing it.

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